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Welcome to the Big Bank Family!

Here at Big Bank Kennels our passion fuels our purpose and our customers become our family! We assure that every new family receives a happy, healthy and loving puppy when placed into their care! Your Big Bank Kennels XL Bully will exceed your expectations!! We strive to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your new loving companion!

NALA - Lucci X PayDay

This was our first experience with the bully breed and it couldn’t have gone any better. Big Bank Kennels has gone above and beyond to keep us informed and updated through the entire process. Our girl, Nala, has been the perfect addition to our family and that’s thanks to Big Bank Kennels. They have been patient, educating and feel like family now! They care deeply about the integrity of the breed and produce quality puppies. We would gladly work with them again and would recommend them to anyone interested in the breed.

The Ogletree Family

IG - @nala.the.XLbully

SEGER - Mulah X Lotto

Once I became sold on the bully breed, I got even luckier finding Ginger, Blake, and BBK.  Let me begin by saying that top notch doesn’t even begin to describe the quality of BBK.  I was fortunate enough to live nearby so I had the opportunity to periodically visit my pup from his birth to adoption. I mention this, because if you are not local, then you should have every ounce of confidence that the pup you bring home will possess the highest quality physical characteristics, phenomenal demeanor, and a great foundation puppy. When we brought our pup home, he was already accustomed to going potty outside and sleeping in his kennel.


No matter what step along the way, Ginger and Blake were the most responsive and thoughtful people I could have asked for. I can’t even begin to count the number of texts/calls I had from our first discussion to the day we brought our puppy home. To this day, I still continue to stay in touch for any random questions that come up or just sharing how big our boy is getting. They never once made me feel like I was bothering them or a burden. Rather, they fully embraced me as part of the BBK family, because that’s how they run their kennel, like a family. 


Ginger and Blake take the utmost pride in the quality of their litters and spare no detail, ensuring that every dog they produce is the best. If you are in the market for a bully, you can have every confidence in the world that BBK will deliver!

The Brzovich Family

CASH - Arya X Frostbite

Top Quality XL Bullies = Structure, Temperament, Size, & Color!!

From the very beginning, in picking out Ca$h, Ginger & Blake have always been so helpful, knowledgeable and amazing to work with.
We couldn't be happier with our stud! When he came home, he came with a goody bag full of toys, food, a blanket and treats.


Big Bank has always been accessible and quick to respond with any questions that we've had; whether about feeding, breeding, or local resources... They have always been so helpful and patient prior, during and even now, almost 9 months later!

We love being a part of the Big Bank family! So much so, that we've decided to work with BBK again for our female puppy! If that isn't a testimony in itself, I don't know what is! We highly recommend Big Bank Kennels and can't thank them enough for our King Ca$h and our future female!

So, if you are looking to add to your yard, look no further!

The Krok Family

IG - @SoCalxlbullies

SASHA - Lucci X PayDay

We wanted a puppy as a new addition to our family. We were looking for the perfect dog that would fit our family both in temperament and lifestyle. After a lot of research we honed in on an XL American Bully. The hard part was then finding the right kennel... but after my initial interaction with Big Bank Kennels, we quickly came to a decision.

1. BBK knows American Bullies.  They are professional and carefully choose their breeding mates.
2. The team makes you feel like you are part of their extended family immediately. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and are always responsive on text, social media and email.
3. Their dogs are gorgeous with amazing temperament! We met Sasha’s mom, Lucci, and she was the sweetest dog. They focus on health and have the absolutely most gorgeous bullies in town.

The Nassar Family

BEAU - Arya X Louis V.

We bought a puppy (Beau) from Big Bank Kennels back in January 2018. We had pitties in the past, but we were in the market for a male - blue tri bully. I found Big Bank Kennels, because they posted a recent litter of pups online. I immediately found exactly what we were looking for, so I reached out to BBK and Ginger was amazing! Very prompt and accommodating with everything; even the style of ear crop. When we picked up the pup she introduced us to the pup’s mommy which made the entire experience feel even more like family. Shortly after getting him I had some questions about vaccinations and food choices and was always given prompt and legitimate advice. Two years later, she still checks in with us on how Beau is doing. Every time we take Beau out, people comment on how beautiful he is and I have always recommended Big Bank Kennels to anyone that asks. Great experience and we couldn’t have been more pleased.

The Rizzato Family

Kimura - Mulah X 100 Grand


I just wanted to reach out to genuinely say, Thank You again for our puppy Kimura, and letting us experience that warmth and loving feeling you feel when you get a new puppy. You guys handled everything very professional and made our journey super easy. Thank you guys again at BBK. We can't wait until the day we get to bring this same feeling to other loving families.

James and Megane (XL TRI BULLIES)


TESSA - Arya X Louis V.

We are absolutely in love with Tessa! She is a funny, happy, loving,  and inquisitive girl. She has been healthy from day one, which speaks to the great care she received from birth. Her lineage is evident in her stunning regal presence as well as her temperament and beauty. Tessa has grown strong, but she is also very gentle and respectful when playing with her little Havanese brother and big (senior) Pitbull sister... or interacting with any other dogs.


We can’t thank you enough for bringing her into our lives!

The Holmes Family

Since the first time I came in contact with Big Bank Kennels, up until now, they have always been very professional with great communication. I am grateful to be the owner of Deuce which became a part of our family in January of 2019. Since then our little family has grown with the addition of two little girls, which Deuce does so well with. His temperament and obedience makes it very easy for him to be around our young toddler and infant. When Deuce hits the parks or the streets I always get stopped and he gets a lot of love and compliments.

I have always recommend people to check out Big Bank Kennels, as they are not just your usual kennel, to us they’ve become FAMILY!

The Sevelo Family

DEUCE - Arya X Louis V.

Mrs. ButtersWorth


Mulah X Lotto

I got very Lucky to have stumbled across Butta (Mrs. ButtersWorth). When I first saw her at 2 weeks old, I just knew for a fact that she was BBK's keeper. Her face was just so loving and it gave me puppy fever all over again. I just had to have her!! I was very interested so I reached out to inquire about this doll. 

They told me she was available and my eyes lit up. Ms. Ginger was a thoughtful communicator from the very beginning and kept in contact until my baby girl landed home. Talking to Ms. Ginger was so easy and I could tell right away that she genuinely cares for her dogs as family members. I also receive a lot of ongoing support for my breeding program. BBK dogs are well-tempered, superb, colorful cherished family companions. I have so much respect for Ms. Ginger & Mr. Blake. I want to thank them for the role they played in our lives with making it possible to own a BBK production. 

We can't imagine our life without her ♡

Paul Kade Kennels

IG - @PaulKadeKennels_tx

Aloha! We want to start off by saying, Big Bank Kennels is one of the most professional kennels we have ever worked with! Great communication and information on everything! We are glad to be part of the Big Bank family! Not only did we get our boy Atlas shipped to Maui, Hawaii. Ginger delivered him herself and we appreciate that so much!! We are SO happy with our boy Atlas and this will definitely not be our only purchase!

The Kanohokula Family

IG - @h.h.bullyz

ATLAS - Lucci X PayDay

BIG MAC - Arya X Frostbite

I would like to start off by saying that finding our puppy, MAC,  from Big Bank Kennels has been the best thing to come out of this whole unfortunate pandemic... It has truly been a blessing! Big Bank Kennels is the first kennel club that my husband and I have worked with, and I could not be any happier! Right from the start, Ginger has made me feel like I can always ask any questions regarding our boy Mac... she always responds so quickly and never leaves me hanging. Her sweet demeanor really shows how much she loves and cares for each and every puppy. Even after I brought MAC home, she still has kept in touch and I find that to be soo awesome!! Ginger and her husband have been so professional and informative for us and we are so Grateful...

MAC has completed our family ♡

The Sanchez Family

IG - @Big_Mac_bullynation

BRADY - Arya X Louis V.

I stumbled upon a gold mine when I found Big Bank Kennels while I was looking for a new puppy. When I saw my boy Brady, I had to have him! I was pretty uneducated on the American Bully breed but got gamed up quick by BBK. I had numerous questions ranging from diet to training and always got great, honest feedback. Till this day, I still keep in contact with my BBK family. I have nothing but great truths to say about this kennel and the dogs they produce. My Boy Brady is a show stopper and his temperament is unmatched. I'm blessed to have found my boy and even more blessed to have him come from Big Bank Kennels!

The Meserve Family

IG - Brady_da_bulldoughzr

FELONY - Arya X Frostbite

My experience with Big Bank Kennels has been amazing! I saw Felony and right off the bat I said "that’s my girl". I messaged BBK owners, Blake and Ginger, and they offered to FaceTime with me so I can see the puppy. I told them my plans and what I wanted to do and they helped me out big time, up until this day!! Ever since I got Felony I felt a new responsibility, kind of like having your own child.


I’m just glad I chose Big Bank Kennels because they have great communication anytime I need help. When I have questions, they are always a call or text away and their response is always 5 minutes or less. There is no other family I would be prouder to be a part of than Big Bank Kennels. Thank you for all the love and support in helping me start my own business and keeping the Big Bank Kennel family tree going!

The Mendoza Family

IG - @chengos_cencal_kennels

From the moment I saw the litter that Big Bank Kennels had, I knew I had to contact them for some information. Once we did talk they were super helpful! I picked the puppy I wanted (Kane), and they would send me pictures and videos to keep me updated on him. At 9 weeks old they were such great people that they delivered him to his new home in Hollister. It was an honor the meet Ginger and Blake and I can't wait to see what's next for them and there beautiful bullies!!

The Segura Family

KANE - Lucci X PayDay

CHANEL - Arya X Frostbite

I want to give a huge thanks to Big Bank Kennels, for providing me with two of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever owned (Chanel and Chico). They produce some of the nicest and most beautiful bullies in California and are truly amazing and kind people.


Big Bank Kennels does an excellent job to expand the XL bully community. They take pride in their work and make sure that when you receive your puppy that it’s the healthiest and most loving puppy. They guide you all the way through the process and make it super easy if you have any questions along the way.


Thank you Big Bank Kennels!! 

The Bailon Family

CHICO - Arya X Louis V.

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